With its second printed version, Oneg is pleased to open its doors to the ugliest, the underdogs, the ones that today are the new icons of subversive beauty. Welcome to our journey towards ugliness; enjoy the ride through the imperfection, the mistakes, the wild and marvelous side of ugliness. In a world where beauty always seems within reach, perhaps the aesthetics of ugliness is the only choice for those who really want to stand out. Because the ugly has never seemed so beautiful.

We have carefully selected the following artists and photographers from the new era of creative minds as a reflection of our aesthetics. For this issue, we guided them through our vision of ugliness, We welcomed them to the parallel reality of the distorted and encouraged them to show us their own perception of the unbeauty, the unconventional and the unusual. 
We gave them a space to show their ideas with no Limits, without knowing what to expect. This second volume of our printed edition sum up our progressive pursuit to dissolve predefined canons by filling this pages with the echoes of emerging talents.

Traditionally we have always been a society graced by canons of harmony, intolerant of mess and ugliness, constantly cleaning up flaws and striving for perfection.
Nowadays, there’s a revenge of ugliness: our visual literacy is continuously shifting and we are developing a broader and more sophisticated sliding scale of aesthetics. We want to be surprised, shocked, jolted out of the everyday, seeking out extremes to make us feel more alive. 
Ugliness is, for our society, the statement of a new rebellion. Craving disorder and randomness, exploring awkwardness and vulgarity.
Ugly is our way of taking control, it’s part of a desire to break free from the boundaries of traditional beauty canons. Indeed these days, there is something exciting about the idea of unattractiveness. What was once a negative connotation in mainstream dialogue has become fascinated instead. Ugly seems to be the next big thing.

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