Is it easy to be defined? In a society that must label everything – from emotions to identities – some people decide to be free, to break the system and simply delete concepts of masculine and feminine, of gender, of sexuality. Androginy is a fashion trend that escalated quickly in those years, leaving us wanting more, wanting explanations. Wanting freedom. Plato said that, in origin, we all are only spheres with no colors, genders, sexuality or any kind of human shape: everything is equal for everyone, everything is the same. Why today is so important to be caught in a certain category? This issue is about androgyny, for sure, but it’s also an hymn for love, the pure one, the kind of real love, the one for ourselves and people who live this world. This issue is about breaking the rules: what defines us as boys and girls? And as androgynous? Is there a possibility for us to live finally free from chains and labels? Is it possible to create a new gender? Let’s find with us. You are the journey and destination of this discover. You are undefined. You are you.