How the Apocalypse developed through our human history and will happen in the present future.

Fire, death, end of the world, Maya, the child of Satan: how many ways do you know to represent the Apocalypse?
The Ancients had some opinions, especially the Biblical ones: the Great Flood and all the animal species, the destruction of Sodoma and Gomorra, the death of Christ… 

There were many ways among Christians about how the world would end.
In Medieval times, there was the belief that the world would have endend in the year 1000, cause of a passage from the Bible that quotes the number hundred as a keeper of Satan and all the Evil in the world.
Then, it all changed, within modern times.
Some people believed would end on the first day of 2000’s with the Millenium Bug, others the 12 December of 2012. Last prophecy would see the end in 2020 or in 2035, cause of global warming.

Whether you believe it or not, this is an important theme to discuss, how the world will end and where everyone will go.

Many movies and tv shows – like the last season of American Horror Story or Indipendence Day, I am legend, Last man on Earth – have tried to imagine what will happen when the world will end. But, we’ll go further.

Oneg, this month, introduces you his particular ways of representing Apocalypse, what it means and who has it interpreted best, in the most original and unexpected works.

Apocalypse hasn’t to be the destruction of cities and alien invasion, not necessarily: it could be a particular climatic event, a transformation of a person into something new, away from human race. It also could be a conceptual representation of it, with some kind of modern artists and their original vision among the theme.
So take a seat and watch the world end with us.
This will be a ride you’ll never forget.

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