What is elegance today, how to be elegant and more rules of a vain society.

Elegance: Chanel said that Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance and never a quote was this true.
In the past was easy to be the elegant ones: you should have money, a lot of money to buy the most precious of dresses, pearls, jewels, accessories…

Luxury was the same thing as elegance, so it was easy to be the most of the elegant person in the room, if you had economical disposition.

Then the pret-a-porter born, and nothing was the same.
Everyone can be elegant, can afford the most elegant dresses or accessories.
Also, elegance changed its perspective: money doesn’t equal to a certain regard in elegance, but can be a certain education or culture.

Nowadays, with computers and robots doing all the work for us, it is difficult to find a true elegance, a trait of someone’s personality made totally by himself. The artificial has took place over all the men can do by their own hands and talent.
The handmade, the men made by men, the artisan quality of a product, it’s something we surely have forgotten the importance it has.
We prefer to buy something created in replicas than appreciate the handmade products and their finest elegance and quality.

Oneg, with this issue, will revalues the indiscreet charm of elegance, meant as quality, refinement, craftsmanship. #Eleganceisnotdead

We’ll tell you about the last of the artisans, the handmade creators not only of jewels or design products, but also artists that use hand-involved techniques and concrete materials like pigments, products from the earth, poor materials… All in the best elegant key you’ll see here on Oneg Magazine.

So prepare your tools and your best outfit, because our elegant party is going to start and you have to wear your best dress to be admitted.
Let the music start!