Four Elements: fire, water, earth and air. The Oneg February Issue is out!

There was a light, and it has never gone out: fire, the first of the four elements, makes the origin of our modern civilization possible, making men scared of this new kind of nature destructive and helpful.
There was water, from oceans to small lakes, and the air, a fundamental element for our health and wealth.
And then the earth, the base, where all born and all return to.
The four elements are subject of study in every field – from science to religion, from literature to philosophy- and are the only things that have never left us alone from the origin of this world.
In a time where the men are destroying nature and its fruits, we want to reconcile with the base of all, with the instruments that made possible our growth as a society. 
Because everything can’t be created or destroyed, but can only change.