I know what you’re thinking: “So easy to talk about love in Valentine’s month”.
But we’re not here to remember you what love is, to label it or to indicate the ten positions to made him crazy on a wild night. Nope.
We’re here to talk about the other side of love, sometimes a happy one, sometimes a darker one, the crazy one, the placid one, the homo one and heterosexual one.
Bizarre, cold, difficult, warm, easy, quiet, envious, narcissistic, life-changing and depression-making.
Love is everywhere and is everything, but are you ready to have a new one?
Left your eternal believes on love at your house with your fiancé, it’s time to discover a new side, the Turgenev’s one, the Larry Clark’s one, the one you will never think about.
Because love is all you need, but the need isn’t always about love.
Happy Valentine’s, lovers.