Change is a big part of our life: we let grow hair to cut them, we put make-up on ourself to change aspect, we use a daily skincare to fight dead cells on our skin.
But nobody really knows what happens when this little changes – and the daily ones about our skin and body parts and organs – aren’t enough.
How far can we go to change our human body? How will it be the future of our fragile container?
Isoantibodies are a certain kind of antibodies that react to an external stimulation changing our inner system, making ourselves a new version of us.
But sometimes it isn’t enough, strongly when it’s about beauty and having a brand new face.
Let us introduce you to the first issue of Oneg about human body and its strange changes – like surgery and other implements.
Remember: everyday we change like isoantibodies.
So hold on your skin.
You’ll never be the same again.