History has always rewarded the beautiful people, the one graced by canons of harmony and perfection. The ugly ones, at the time, where mocked, being obscured and not mentioned in books or researches.

Nowadays, there’s a revenge of ugliness: the beauty is underrated, the beast is what we would reach. Ugliness is, for our society, the statement of a new rebellion: furry eyebrows, big noses, everything in the centuries was considered obscene and disgusting is, nowadays, the canon that represent the beauty.

For our November issue, Oneg is pleased to open its doors to the ugliest, the underdogs, the ones that today are the new icons of sovversive beauty.

Welcome to our history of ugliness; enjoy the ride through the imperfection, the mistakes, the wild and marvelous side of ugliness. We present you artists, persons of interests and designers that has made their research about finding the beauty in the ugly, the harmony in the disharmony. The perfection in being out of the canons.

Because beauty isn’t real without a touch of ugliness.