My mother once told me that it is okay to hit the rock bottom because only with that certainty you can find the power to redeem your existence, the power to push yourself harder – this kind of power is not about how many times you hit the floor, the real thing is about how fiercely you put yourself together…again.
“After-Requiem” are exactly the words that sum this situation up, darkness is a place connected with fears and demons but sometimes it is necessary to have a wild dance with those to remind them who is the commander of the performance.
This month’s issue will be a celebration of the dark side, in its every way, we are going to show you how redemptional a brand new beginning can look and how pure poetry can fix the unfixable; let me tell you a secret: death, gloomy promises and Blakean complementary opposites will be our dance mates.
Get your dancing shoes on, because this time we are going tear the room down by the sound of a requiem.