There was a time where the world was dominated by bacteria and insects; between them, there were beautiful insects with coloured wings: butterflies.
For all eras, butterflies represented the caducity of life, but also the origin and the struggle of metamorphosis and changing. Butterflies have to live only a day, a week if they’re lucky. And butterflies also represents the feminine, the V, the gender where all we came from.
Butterflies are like women: strong, in continues metamorphosis, living their life at best, but especially representing the birth of life in all its splendor.
So, who is Vanessa?
There are three rare species of butterflies called Vanessa ones; why they’re special? Because they can fly even in the winter season, the killer one for butterflies.
And so are women: strong, even when they’re carrying a new life inside them. The only that can give birth.
Because Vanessa is everyone of us. Vanessa is a mother and a father and a life giver.
Vanessa is you.