Not only physical sports, but even the sport as concept of movement and dynamic activity for mind and soul.

Sport, an activity made from the origin of the world – the hunting was considered, somehow, a certain form of divertissement and survival for the primitives.
Mens sana in corpore sano Ancient Romans used to say and that’s the point where we, at Oneg, will start for the concept of this issue.

Then, Greeks and Romans glorificated the sport as the best way to improve yourself, not only in the body but even in the mind and soul – and there was born the motto at the top of this speech.

They created the Olympics, a continuous celebration of every kind of sport and entertainment for the people, even the gym, where athletes can go to work their body and train in their disciplines – among Coliseum or swords’ battles.

Through the years, the concept of what the sport is became more and more linked to an idea of physical improvement for yourself, lacking the healing of the soul.
Nowadays, sport is a mere entertainment – especially for Italian people with the cult of soccer and its players – for passionate people, even if the myth of Olympics stayed through all this time.

We, at Oneg, wanted to make you ardent about sport, to make you believe in the purification and nobilitation that takes to the soul. We want your men sana in a corpore sano. 

Your body as a temple and your mind as the high priest. And all we will do is show you artists that bring sport into their works to celebrate it and make you understand how a deep concept it is.
Sport is dynamism, physical activity and peace for mind: think of the hours at gym between cardio and exercises for buttocks or biceps. Don’t you feel more restful and thoughtless after sweating your pain and issues out?
So sweat with us and get ready to partecipate to our personal Olympics.
Let’s get physical!