Oneg magazine wants to give a space to talent in all its facets, it is focused on youth sub-cultures, the fashion world and more – is a synergy between art, photography, fashion, music and media.

This magazine wants to give a voice to new generations, working with photographers, artists, designers, stylists, graphic designers, musicians and emerging writers of the experimental scene. The key part of this project is precisely the desire to reflect the interests of this generation, presenting and expressing itself as an avant-garde and innovative point of view.

The manifesto of the magazine is therefore to give the opportunity to young people write for young people; setting up a counter-fashion, returning matter and concreteness to the subject. From the topic and thematic point of view, I have chosen to deal strictly reconnected content to the cultural context of our users: young people.

This issue of ONEG is dedicated to the soul of the magazine, as well as the archetype of the magazine: self-expression in all its forms; the desire to express themselves afflicts interiority of individuals when they feel they have much to give but do not have a means to bring out all the outside world in its entirety. There, among the young, a chaotic and perceived necessity of having to express themselves at all costs, almost becoming slaves to our sense of ourselves. The most important quality that we want to give to this project is the same passion with which it was conceived. I believe in this project and I believe in the generation to which I am giving.