Art has always some kind of magic in its core. The artist himself, probably, has to be some kind of magician to create something from zero to a sculpture. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the case of Dario Veruari, Instagram sensation that creates 3D sculptures with the only magic of his brain and computer.

Using 3D creation softwares, Dario assembles figures half human half robots, skulls, symbols of the future where we live, like the ones about a Jesus crucified on a Facebook logo-alike cross, a Big Brothers with Google themed colours or amorphe creatures enlighted only by their smartphone’s displays.

The women created are beautiful and seductive modern witches, made of aesthetic surgery signs and charming empty eyes, calling the viewer into their arms to make him lost.

Blending technology with folklore and a bit of social satire, the artist is the perfect example of how you can give magical vibes not representing fairies or elves, but creating a dark and weirdly erotic obscure world that maybe isn’t so far away from us.