Lucy Mcrae is who we can call a body architect: she take the human body to the limits of nature giving him a new life and perspective, changing forever his shape and definition.
She is also a sci-fi artist, putting people in futuristic scenarios and mixing past and present with human and humanoids. The natural and artificial are melted in one new shape, a new kind of body and health.

She is a real activist in technology field – she has spoken at Ted, Wired Health and Royal Albert Hall, plus consulted from big companies like Procter & Gamble or Unilever – giving people a feminine point of view about what makes us human and what can change ourselves nowadays.

Her work is brilliant and breathless: using several materials – like glass or plexiglass or vacuum plastic – she created a new human from our future, mixing the machine to the person, melting the boundaries of what is modern and what is not, what is nature and what his a change from the human touch.
Creating a new life and new hopes for what we are and what we can be.