A fantastic projection of me – Marta Blue

When I was little magic to me was all about witches and crafts and spells that could make you who you wanted to be. Then, growing up, I understood that magic is everywhere. As long as you’re ready to experience it. Art is magic, as it creates conflict and influences our lives. And Marta Blue‘s art is super magical. In its own powerful way.

Who is Marta Blue, the artist? Is she the doppleganger of Marta, the woman, or a completely different person?

Marta Blue is Marta Blue exactly as a photograph is a photograph when it reflects what you want to see in that exact moment. I love to create images that are chromatically strong, defined and at the same time incomprehensible, there is always a story inside every image. There are people who ask me “What happened to the deer on the road?” Or “What did your friends do after that kiss?” Or “This guy is immersed in milk?”, “Why there is blood on snow?”,”This is honey?”. People are curious to know what is actually happening, when most of the time the obvious thing happens, but nobody knows, and each person creates his own story based on his emotional needs. So right now, the fantastic projection of me is definitely the most appropriate definition of who I am.

It seems to me that one of the main focuses of your work is finding asterism and magic even in the most realistic subjects. It’s really all about atmosphere you convey. Why did you choose to shot reality through this esoteric lense?

This is amazing because I didn’t choose it, it is only memory of my feelings. The memory, like the dreams, is a terrific and in the same time disturbing reflection of our past experiences in the present. And I think it is very instinctive and natural to communicate concepts in this visual key, for me. Everything concerning occultism, magic, astrology, shamanism, numerology, spiritualism, (…) is a part of my present, of my childhood and of the women of my family for many generations.

What is the main goal in your photography?

There are many “versions” of me inside me, as in every other person, I suppose. My goal is to be able to communicate with each other of these versions, accept it, love it and share it through the photography.

What’s the shot you are the most proud of? And why?

“As above so below” it is a photograph of the setting sun, perfectly in the middle between the sky and the earth, between the darkness and the light. Currently it is the picture I’m most proud of because it’s the best representation of myself.

Do you consider art a form of magic? A way of condition the world around ourselves?

Yes, absolutely. Art creates conflict, pain, love, influences people in a totally irrational and unconscious way. Looking at a painting, you follow the boundless desire to experience emotions, maybe even conflicting, and maybe you can not even explain why. Art is absolutely a form of magic, when people do not try to explain it.

And, most importantly: do you believe in magic?

Yes. I believe in witchcraft, I practice rituals, I use the power of the moon, practical divination, runes, tarot, crystals and talismans. But first, I believe in magic as a form of universal love, and I believe in magic as a powerful form of self-awareness and knowledge.

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