An axiom of my life is that who hasn’t studied to create art, he will create the best kind of it.
Ex professional skater Chad Knight is one of them: he works for Nike and Vans by day, but create from nowhere beautiful and visual 3D sculptures that leave us astonished.

Like a creative and encrypted visual journal, Chad posts day by day new sculptures: big women under trees or seductivly posing over seas and towns, giants by rivers or nature itself fused by skulls and geometrical shapes. Everything is possible in Chad’s world: he said in some interviews that sculptures are the best way to represent what he has inside and how he feels in that moment of the day, permitting to express himself in this fantastical and mythological world.

Like a Demiurge, he gives life to those giants and symbols with the colorful 3D art that is his signature style. A Golem’s folklore in 3D technology