Drawing and art have always been a part of Thomas’ life since he was young and this commitment to creating shows in what he produces. In his work, Thomas Cian reflects on the human imagination. His drawings consider the subject matter according to how things relate to one another and this is what creates the interesting overlays and compositions.

The absence of lines and the technique in general that is used to create the works gives a sense of mystery and it is this sense of mystery that makes something feel full of magic. There is a strong use of negative spaces that deliberately leave parts unexplained. This space that is left somehow gives more to the viewer to consider than the more solid parts of his works.

The technique billows black across the page in a way that can only be described as dramatic and many of the faces that appear are those of his friends. People that he has a relationships with and he knows. These faces create, for him, something of a time capsule of this period of his life. Thomas freezes a moment in time through his drawings and, because of this, they function like a journal of his life sometimes including a self-portrait and often including the date.

Thomas will change between ink and pencil but using ink is something that allows him to work with more permanence and does not allow more time to think and change what he has done. This works to further how his drawings capture a moment. This technique also helps to keep the subject matter to things that come directly from his imagination onto the page so that he does not have too much time to change this through too much planning.
Despite a love of inks, his pencil sketches are beautiful to look at and the works that he has shared from his sketchbooks are sure to gain a lot more attention in upcoming months.