“Mannequin-etamine” is the translation of an ever present sense of death through a mannequin. Exhibition by @alice_sioux , a polish artist influenced by the world of circus and the Polish cinema and theater.

The past Saturday turning around Duomo, one would never expect to find the ufology center, right in the heart of commercial Milan.

So private and involving at the same time is this installation, as it is to know personally Alice Kovalevska. An artist who transports us to the world of her creation, with a strong influence by the polish cinema and the melancholic atmosphere of Warsaw and Krakow that have changed her vision of the world. Unlike her homologue of Lewis Caroll, she is the queen of this world where she allows us to glimpse in.

Plastic dolls, fake hair, cellophane, synthetic lace, these artificial man-made elements framed the sensibility of Alice’s artwork, which inspired by Tadeusz Kantor she translates an ever present sense of death into the Mannequin.

Maybe the best word to describe it is as “absorbing”. The mannequin expresses young human emotions that can be empathic to anyone, with the-always-present sense of death which allows the dead Man within each one to overcome it.

“The room was full of firm and precise actions, which, being born of boredom, of obedience and whim, concealed a certain amount of imbecility”. “I am not sad” “my illness does not exist” “migraine”, the Mannequin is empathic to everyone, which provides the best adjective to describe this exhibit “absorbing“. This character overcomes his always-present-sense of death, while showing a whole range of sensibility divided in all the visual work in this exhibit.

Exhibition by Alice Kovalevska

Pics by Federico Garza

An article by Ferdi Montenegro