,Aesthetic Fetish‘ – The first thing that came to my mind was, that this playlist needed to be naughty, intense, hot, just pure sex. But is a fetish just related to sex? I don‘t think so. It‘s some inner desire, sometimes hidden in the realm of shades. In a secret, mysterious place only you know about, except you decide to share this world with someone worthy. You can totally get lost in your fetish, let your innerest desires break free. If you do so, you will discover a new YOU. Whatever it is, live your fetish. Let it dance between the shadows of the night. So as you can see I changed my mind about this subject quite a lot. This playlist is a more calm, mysterious and darker one. Something you want more of, because you don‘t know what‘s coming next. I hope it‘s something you start to desire. Something that becomes an aesthetic fetish to you! And if you should be just naughty and into sex, I‘m glad to say, that these songs can create the perfect atmosphere to explore yourself with someone else and fulfill your deepest desires.