Who are you?

Hi, my name is Alessandro Pala. I’m a twenty-three year old make-up artist. I’m also known as Lilly Love and perform in the Nostalgic Nights of Milan.

Alessandro is a very simple person and deeply into the art world. He grew up with the vast beauty of Sardinia. He then moved to chaotic Milan.

In contrast, Lilly represents a bit of my artistic side. She is my alter-ego; my creation that I care about the most. Lilly is pure performance art. They are a duality of elements that have coexisted perfectly for many years.

How did Alessandro meet Lilly Love?

Alessandro has known Lilly Love for many years. It was love at first sight. I found myself fascinated by the drag queens’s dream-like nature and rich world.

Having had the good fortune to come out very soon with my parents and the closest people around me, I had the opportunity to attend, at the beginning of my adolescence, gay environments that offered performances, dragging and burlesque shows. All of those opportunities amplified my desire. At sixteen, just for fun, I won my first competition in Sardinia. Clearly, this win allowed me to get to know people within very interesting and above all with real concrete experiences which allowed me to direct my path. I have had vast training, full of varied experiences, in Sardinia and subsequently in Milan, where I still collaborate with Plastic Club — my home.

Unlike other artists we have chosen, you are the only person who uses his body for its greatest expression of art. How do you portray your self-expression?

Exactly, my body is my art form. I express myself and train artistically with inspiration from the biggest icons in the field. I try to nurture myself with the aspects of vintage culture — getting closer to a more modern context to give birth to an elaborated character. This erotic personality is especially exaggerated that represents a 360° elegance.

The drama and music associated with the female universe is always offering something new and fun.

How do you live and cohabitate with this dichotomy?

I live very well with my double perspective. I haven’t had any particular problems. It’s also because I’ve never hung out with a certain type of people *smiles*. I have always cared a lot about myself, and I want to emphasize that I am my body and Lilly’s boss. She is still a creation.

It’s important to have a clear separation between the two, otherwise you get to the point where the stronger eats the weaker and that’s not good. Also, I have had no particular problems in sharing my double essence. I’m surrounded by good friends and very smart people, who never saw Lilly as a possible limitation.

How do you think people live tho ambiguity?

Ambiguity is a very precious gift, in my opinion, it certainly has to be managed well and I think I do pretty well, don’t you? I definitely have had to apply myself. I got informed, and I learned a lot from past generations; generations that have opened the doors of this “new” world.

People definitely see what they want to see but I don’t care much. I don’t want people to put feet on my head but I’m always ready to take note of the constructive criticism that some competent people could have for me.

Do you feel free?

Definitely yes.

If I tell you Moana Pozzi, what would you answer?

I would answer “Elegance, Icon … Woman.” I found in Moana a source of absurd inspiration — in her body, in her sexuality, never vulgar, in her erotic show. She has certainly brought stardom of porn to a level never seen before, eliminating the vulgarity and giving a touch of art and sweetness. In addition to her personality, I also found in her, aesthetic continuous inspirations. She is definitely one of the divas who inspired me the most and which I’m most devoted.