Alittlealien: “meet me in the middle, let’s spin around the moon dizzily wrapped in veils of time like a butterfly inside a caccoon.”

Instagram sensation Alittlealien has shocked me to the core: I wasn’t expect to fall in love with an Instagram profile, but it sure happened.

Feminism is the word that comes in my mind looking at her feed: beautiful amazing women rise in their natural elements with feminine bodies and feminine symbols – the Moon, butterflies and roses – in vivid colors like violet or pink.

The four elements are all in their natural habitat, connected to the human being in the figure of beautiful modern horsewomen, mixing with animals like tigers, lions, panthers, all felines – the feminine symbolism return again in the form of an animalistic girl power.

There’s a picture that amazed me the most: a pregnant woman sitting in a violet sky with moon behind her and some flowers, symbolizing a new life and fertility, the most magical and beautiful thing that can happen in nature.

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