“I always find comfort in the macabre and the fantastic and the realistically not existing, probably because of how unreal it all is. They’re never going to be remotely real, but there’s so much work that goes into creating these whole other universes and the characters in them and have them face their inconveniences and their fears”

Entering to the parallel world of the different through a systematic explanation of words through the alphabet, is what this project by Melis Süer ,a turkish milan based illustrator and training comic book Artist, proposes. While experimenting to find her own voice and particular style, she pays an homage to all unconventional perception of beauty and pleasure.

Presented ironically enough in the childish concept of an abecedariumeach of these words and/or illustrations can be strongly tied to and indicate obsessions and paraphilias. The illustration for the word ‘Paedophage’ is a direct reference to the philia ‘Vorarephilia’ (consuming someone or being consumed by someone whole, dont google this if you’re not into it, the asian content created for this is not the most uplifting content out there), the word ‘Zodiac’ refers to a lot of people’s obsession on categorizing their romantic partners according to their astrological sign, ‘Grotesque’ is a trait for people that are into Teratophilia (the paraphilia characterized by sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous people), the illustration for ‘Familiar’ is literally a furry. A lot of people live with these unconventional tastes and traits all their lives, and it is high time that the ones who fit in the crowd accepted them (instead of objectifying them or treating them like an imported foreign artifact).

In the purest of it aims this project intends to exalt that not everyone is made the same, and some are drastically different than others and we should aim to celebrate this. The tapestry style has exactly this goal, to make the concept relatable for everyone since exist in every culture in the world. This compilation conceived on a childlike outline means exactly that, to teach a lesson for which our society is still in dippers to learn.

Melis Süer’s website: http://melisuer.com/

An article by Fernando Montenegro