Angel McQueen is a Milan – based drag queen and emergent make-up artist

who recently won “The face awards Italy 2018” and today we are going to immerse you into the chronicles of an angel…and trust me, your wig is going to be snatched!

Good morning Angel, it is a pleasure to talk to you, first of all I would like to ask you what it feels like to combine your two “lives”. You studied make-up art and you are now one of the finest drag queens in the Milanese scene. How can you live the best of both worlds?

Hi Stefano! My pleasure, I’m glad to talk to you guys. It isn’t about actually combining two different lives, for me it is really the opposite, it’s more about how not to separate them. I don’t see myself as “a boy during daytime” or “a drop-dead gorgeous diva during nighttime”, this is just me! I don’t want Angel to take over Federico or vice versa! I see myself more as a “creature” you know, a mix of both parts: the feminine one and the “masculine” – if we can call it masculine -.

Anyway, it’s 2019, I don’t want to be labeled, that’s how I combine my two worlds into one.

Angel and Federico are basically the same person, just two personalities sharing one single body and mind, different but similar at the same time.

You recently won “The face awards Italy 2018”, it is marvelous the way you work on your own skin. Tell us more about this recent experience.

Yes, I did! It has probably been one of the best experiences in my 2018! The fun fact is that I’ve already attended the competition in 2017 but I did not even reach the top 10. So I said to myself, why not trying again?! And fortunately, I did it! I’m very proud of what I did in this competition, I spent hours and days thinking about what to do because I didn’t want to propose myself in the challenges just as a “drag queen”,

my goal was to create a character that could fit perfectly with the theme of the challenges through make-up, music, lighting and location.

This gave me the opportunity to fly to the other side of the world and live my personal American dream, even if for just one week.

You are very young – me as one of the biggest millennials fans – I am curious to know how you deal with the drag queen reality as a millennial. Do you think that nowadays it is easier to be seen and have more possibilities as a performer or is it harder having more competition? 

I don’t actually deal with the drag – world in a particular way, I just live it. Italian drag – world is changing nowadays, like it is in a “period of evolution”, I think because of the influences coming in particular from the USA. I also think that this is one of the reasons why it’s easier today to get into this reality here in Italy, there is finally place for everybody and everybody’s art. So, in a certain way, it is easier. On the other way, it’s harder because now that this world is getting so big and accepted by most of the people, there’s the misconception that doing drag is easy and for everybody and that’s not true. Being a drag – queen is about personality, stage presence, make-up, attention to the details, etc. So, to answer at your question, yes, it could be easier and lots of people can have more possibilities compared to few years ago…but competition is extremely useful to grow as an artist.

Let’s talk about your art, what kind of relationship do you have with make-up and, on the other way around, with the drag world? How did these passions start?

My relationship with make-up is extremely particular, I live for face. That’s the first thing I have in mind when I do drag – “how am I going to do my makeup today?” – everything starts from that. I started doing drag seven years ago because of make-up, you know the first experiments with lashes and foundation – gosh I was a mess -.

But I was so curious about the way I could change my face and my body with fake hair and make-up

so I decided to keep on walking on this path and here we are, seven years after. Do not ever underestimate the power of a single pair of lashes people, they can be very dangerous and change your life forever!

You are also working on your Youtube channel and it is going very good. What would you recommend to the ones who would like to experiment this medium and are you going to extend your presence on new platforms in the future? Have you got new projects on the way? 

Youtube is really a struggle! It takes you a lot of time and energies. I actually left that platform a bit after “the face awards”. I’m that kind of person who always wants to propose high quality content and isn’t able to do that weekly, so I said “You know what? I’m not going to post anything then, better nothing than shit quality contents”.

And this is the only advice that I give to the ones who want to start a channel on Youtube: QUALITY!

There are a lot of people doing that nowadays so be different and always ask yourself “Would I watch this video?”. Getting back on Youtube is one of my goals for 2019 but only if I find something interesting to tell people.

As already said, you gather two big worlds in you and people may be a little bit “confused”. Do you think that it is still problematic for them to understand what you do? Has ever happened to you be discriminated in your everyday life because of you as a drag queen? 

I’ve never been discriminated for being a drag queen, people love it usually. The problem is that most of the time people only see the surface and do not get deeper. I can be a friend or just an entertainer for many, as I was telling you. That’s the only “real” problem.

We are always smiling, laughing, dancing and partying but that is not everything about our world.

Lot of people think we are as exaggerate in our personal lives as we are when we’re up in drag. Personally speaking, this is the only form of discrimination I experienced as a drag queen.

Thank you so much for allowing me having this little talk with you guys, I had such a great time!

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Photography Alberto Degano

Clothes Angel McQueen