Dario Bracaloni and Guglielmo Torrelli. Two sparkling, young, multi-talented guys. A varied and versatile duet of daring artists has appeared in the Italian music scene to tell, with melodies and exclusive visual effects, the reality from an extremely multifaceted point of view <<Initially we were inspired by the black music of the Sixties and Seventies , going from Rhythm & Blues to some hip-hop productions >> Dario explains << but we have not forgotten Italy, Lucio Battisti and Piero Umiliani have inspired the background of our melodies >>. The two, born and lived in that of Florence, do not forget the summers spent in the Tuscan capital, when they fantasized, in the slow passing of the torrid summers typical of urban realities, with movements and musicality with a Brazilian flavor << The album Riva is born from a concept of escape >> continues Dario << If during the morning we worked, in the evening we gathered to compose our music inspired by tropical landscapes with a maritime tone >>. The call of distant lands is also the theme of the video clip of the song “Africa” ​​that was be released on March 26th.

The short narrates the amorous encounter of a boy and a girl between passions and courtships from the international and interracial re-enactment. In times of cynicism, inequality and discrimination this mini-story wants to reveal integration and union as a symbol of strength and integrity. The video partner is the Mauna-Kea street-wear brand, which provided the outfits for the actors and the band and which will mediate the release of the video through their social channels. << On April 18th we will start our first tour in France, which will touch ten cities, this because we signed a contract with a French record company >> continues Dario << the imprint of our next projects will always remain this, we do not want to upset everything , certainly we will aim much more towards the Grooves of Black music >>. With a wish for growth and prosperity, necessary for those who, today as today, have the courage to embark on diversified and original projects, we close the interview and wish a big good luck to these two young talents. Stay Tuned and follow their channels to find out what they are up to next! – AQUARAMA