Maria Uve presents us with illustrations that mix bold content with a gentle colour pallet creating an alluring addition to anyone’s Instagram feed. The drawings have a playful feel to them, while still capturing a reflection of modern lives and also often embodying sexuality and sex.

How long have you been illustrating in this style and what led you to embark on this project?

I actually studied design and illustration and although I also use other techniques my way of expression was always the digital illustration, until 4 or 5 months ago I did not dedicate myself thoroughly to it, because I always needed another job, here in Spain the artistic panorama it’s a complicated world, and the work field in general, but I decided not to depend on the economy and try to do what I’m passionate about, and with the time I hope to reap the benefits of it.

There seem to be a lot of tattoos of script on the characters in your illustrations. Is there a significance to this and, if so, what is it?

Tattoos contextualize images in most of cases, it’s a way for the recipient who is really interested, to know more about the real meaning of the illustration, it would be like a deeper look.

What is the significance of the animals that are often included in your illustrations?

Whenever I include animals, I refer to the inner side of the character, as happens with tattoos, animals helps you to know the personality of what you are seeing, without knowing your past.

There is a strong sense of sexuality and sex in the images. Is this an aspect to life that informs your art?

Well the sense of sexuality, or the images with erotic content, refer to our instincts and feelings, it’s true that a person who only sees the image will see nudity or an erotic scene, but in reality if they see more deeply, if they read the tattoos, what they will really see is an attitude towards life. I try to portray free people, strong independent and respectful people.

Some of the characters in the drawings seem to be repeated. Is there an overarching storyline or theme that informs the individual images?

Actually I always use the same colors and it is possible that they can look like each other, but they are not related.

Your art is featured predominantly on social media. Do you have plans to expand into other ways of showcasing your work?

Well, the truth is that yes, I have some other projects that I will soon be able to unveil, by now it is still in a work-in-progress phase but, maybe in two months it will come to light 🙂