Barbara Wildenboer uses photography and collage to create works that confront our psychological connection with the ecological.

Climatic chaos is addressed in Wildenboer’s work and, alongside this, environmental issues that are at the forefront of humanity’s most pressing issues.
The very nature of what she seeks to portray is fleeting and, therefore, photography is often used as a tool to capture and collect.  Cutting and collage, techniques that allow parts of ourselves to be mirrored back to us, also appear throughout her works.

In Library of the Infinitesimally Small and Unimaginably Large she constructs sculptures through the cutting and altering of books. By doing this, the work questions the authority of text and the use of language in the construction of our understanding of history and science.

In Wildenboer’s latest series, Folly, three-dimensional collages present the viewer with images of an imagined future. One that is apocalyptic and of the Post-Anthropocene.
These works consider the fragility of nature but, concurrently, humanity’s reliance on it. This relationship is made unbalanced and, therefore, threatened by the actions of modern society through extreme consumerism and the disconnection between humanity and nature that has grown from this.

Throughout all of Wildenboer’s work there is an intricate dexterity in the execution of her techniques and most, if not all, are done by hand. What she produces, often, seems to be an attempt to order and understand the relationship between humanity and nature.
The pieces created by Wildenboer present us with thoughts of the Anthropocene and humanity’s determination to dominate the environment in which it exists.