It is often difficult to love oneself. We are taught to put ourselves in competition with others in the system that we live and we usually come out feeling as if we have fallen short.
Everytime we experience this feeling that we have somehow lost at these unwinnable competitions we blame ourselves.

We are inundated with images through our social media and, whether we like it or not, these images partly shape our outlook not only on life but, more importantly, on ourselves. Something, however, that we seem to forget is that we are the curators of our social media. The images that pop up on our feed are mostly there because at one point or another we decided to follow the person who posted them. What we should be doing, therefore, is being gentle with ourselves and surrounding ourselves with people who help you on your journey towards self-love because there is too much out there that makes it easy to be self- deprecating.

We cannot escape the world of social media and it would be foolish to think that we can ignore it but that is not to say that we are not able to manipulate the way we use it to nurture rather than to tear down.

Artist Pink Bits draws simple illustrations that celebrate women who exist outside the narrow mold of what it is to be beautiful. The drawings act as a reminder to celebrate those things that we deem to be flaws and categorize them as one part of who we are as a whole. The delicate images show us those things that we would naturally keep hidden and the more we look the less shame we feel for our own perceived inadequacies.

Nourish and Eat  is a body positive instagram account by Gina Susanna that focuses on celebrating the imperfections rather than criticising them. The account tries to encourages people to be gentle with themselves and it also addresses mental health issues. As the survivor of an eating disorder, body image and mental health are things that are important to and have affected Gina and so her instagram account not only shares her journey of recovery but also promotes body positivity.

The instagram account Recipes for Self Love  is filled with illustrations combined with text that remind us to practice self love. Alison Rachel is the artist and there is a diverse range of people that appear in her illustrations and the text that accompanies the drawings promote confidence and nudge us towards a greater level of acceptance of ourselves.

So many people are searching for love while neglecting the importance of self love. We often need continuous reminders of the fact that we should be gentle with ourselves and learn to love who and what we are. These instagram accounts are a small beginning for a mammoth task but they could be part of the reminding that you need.