One touches and is touched by others. Sinuous. The hands move like wet reptiles in every corner of the forest, of recycled leather, regenerated by intrusive plates. Why should the skin have an end to my body? Why should the body have an end to my skin? Our fabric is not a lost object, it is a platform used to spread cells, which breathes, becomes alive, in a continuous cycle of hybridization.

Beatrice Cristalli graduated in “Stilistica del Testo” at the University of Milan with a thesis on Leopardi’s negative anthropology. She collaborates with several online cultural publications, including Treccani, Il Tascabile, Doppiozero and Cultweek.

Her relationship with the lines dates back to the first years of her life: at the age of four she was already dreaming of writing, and while waiting she filled the walls of the house with color. Then she got the sign that guided her into the research. The two fields, graphic and verbal, have always communicated in silence, until a review that she was preparing has renewed the images held in the alphabet: the letter, without too many answers, took the pencil, the black pen and the watercolors, to discover a new language.