Brad Hannon: why the end of the world can also be climatic change and climatic events.

The Bible identified the Apocalypse with an obscure sun, fire and ice all over the world and also the Great Flood. 
They believed the end of the world would happen within climatic changes, and they didn’t go so far form the truth.

Scientists and researchers recently said that, cause of pollution and global warming, in the 2035 the end will world cause of lack of water, drought and seasons inverted.
The scenario is really something to worry about and some artists made this into art.

Brad Hannon is the most beautiful artist in this category that we’ve seen.

Australian storm-catcher, travels every year around the USA to chase supercell thunderstorms and tornadoes, the best representation of the apocalypse in nature – even the most dangerous climatic events that can happen.

Brad has become well known around the world in art for his passion in chasing storms; his ability of capturing the perfect moment – the lighting, the eye of cyclone, the colour change in the clouds or the wind moving trees and earth, he can perfectly sum up in one photo what is happening, like a real-life scene through the picture. Like we’re living it.

Through his photos you can re-live this some kind of little apocalypse that happens every year in USA, being in the centre of those particular climatic events.

These dynamic and powerful storms, lighting, supercells and tornadoes have to be inspiration to us to worry about where the world is going, how the nature is asking us help to save itself, to not inquinate or make over and over pollution.

It has to be a reminder to us of how the world is fragile and its equilibrium can be broken with the smallest of the action.
And Brad, with his beautiful and perfectly timed pictures of storms and tornadoes, represents in the best way possible this concept.

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