Pop society has never been so sexy: Han Van Den Abbeele, an artist from Antwerp, is a digital and analogue artist and illustrator that works with the tradition of Pop Art created by Warhol (there is also a reference of the Campbell’s Soup in some illustrations) and innovates it.

The artist has visions about a society where multinationals and brands have taken the power above people and their beliefs. Do this remember something to you?

Abbeele, with his digital illustrations, create a dystopia made by logo-covered superheroes (like Suprememan), brandized pokèballs and powerless brains asphyxiated by the control of capitalism and multinationals. A society where sex sells everything (he draws a lot of sexy women mixed with brandized champagne or other rich elements) and where only being obsessed by the latest news about what’s in and what’s out is the main thing to do and that matters.

Instagram Hav Van Den Abbeele: https://www.instagram.com/hanvda/?hl=en

An article by Andrea Collins