Someone once said that love will tear us apart, but now, after knowing the existence of Perttu Saksa, I sure can tell that art will do his best work to tear us apart. This Finnish visual artist and photographer is in fact the best at representing the deep fears of our souls. Not a phobia is excluded, but some are better investigated than others.

The most of his works are photographs capable of creating gloomy and suspended atmospheres, within which we expect a fact, a light, which will reach us indicating a sense and a road to follow. But sometimes, instead, that light will be dangerous for us.
In A kind of you series are represented broken dolls as animals in chains in a zoo or as lost children in a world where they can’t fit.

Fan of pediophobia will sure love this collection oh photographs.
In Echo and his latest work Anthuriae Variations, he well represents thanatophobia with portraits of taxidermic apes and the process of death of a flower, remembering us our fragility and our fear of the supreme unknown, the death.