From the stage of Milanese Toilet Club, La Trape – performer and queen of ugliness – is going to show us that “brutta” is officially the new black!

Hello Trape, you look horrible today! introduce yourself: who are you?

Hello baby! I’m a shy lesbian woman with anxiety issues who loves white wine. I’m not funny but most of the events of my life are. In a sad way, but still I have something to tell that allows me to socialize. I love everybody especially those who don’t like me.  I like to teach people whatever they don’t know and neither do I. And yes, I’m a big Ariana Grande fan, I’m not sure about the reason, but I really enjoy her.

Drag queens’ world taught us that beauty is the key of performing: perfect wigs and make up on point, always. What do you think about that? 

I love beauty queens, fishy queens, look queens, I really really do, a lot, but I think we have to open the doors to a much bigger amount of people who show their talent in different ways, because whenever there’s diversity there’s richness. Sometimes I see stunning looks that I wouldn’t be able to wear because they couldn’t allow me to perform on stage the crazy, ugly, messy way I do. And without performing I would feel nothing.  I believe that whenever there are people enjoying what you do there’s something worth to be done.

That sounds great! But you are not just a regular performer, tell us more about your new projects. What are you cooking for us?

Whenever I cook is either a fire or a poisoning, so I promise, I’m not cooking anything. My big project is to kill myself but in the meanwhile I’m working on my YouTube channel TRAPEZIA SUL TUBO with my friends Nasa and Enzo and my enemy Fae Skifo where I can do what I do best, making no sense and wasting people’s time.  I’m also working on something that allows me to talk more than performing, because psychologists are too expensive.

Let’s talk about people feedbacks, what do people think of what you do? 

I’m part of a beautiful family called TOILET CLUB. A crew that created something different in Milan at the time where almost every party seemed to be focused on appearance. Something going beyond it, a place where the only goals were to have fun no matter what you wear, who you are, how ugly you want to be. I’m not saying that’s the only thing Milan needed but there had to be a different option. Actually, we need as many different things as possible so that anyone can find the perfect place to belong. It used to be a very small party with few people, now it exploded. I feel completely part of it, that’s my world, and that explosion is the feedback I care about.

What is your relationship with ugliness? Is that true that ugliness is the new it-thing? 

I feel that ugliness is whatever that doesn’t fit the standards, not necessarily a bad makeup or an awful dress but also moving your body in a different way, allowing your face to do more than two poses, creating something new. Whatever is new is ugly. I think fashion worked a lot with the concept of ugliness, and probably ugliness is the beauty from the future. Let me tell you: cosmetic surgery failures will be the new thing in 10 years: exploded lips and detached noses. I already like that because I’m ugly. Actually, I may be a stunning look queen from the future coming back to tell you your style is crap, I’ll never find out, I will kill myself way before the truth comes out.

You are so famous for your brilliant quotes. Would you like to finish this interview with one of them?

“Whenever there’s a lemon in your fridge you know you’re not blind. Touching it you couldn’t tell if it was a lemon or a lime,,. 

Photography Paolo Scassa

Art Direction and clothes Giuseppe Della Monica

Styling Alan Goddard