Instagram is a beautiful place when it comes to discover something fandom related, especially when it comes to fan arts and illustrations inspired by movies, books or tv shows.
Andrea Sodaro is a beautiful discover I’ve recently made, and I can’t live without his art anymore.

Turin based, this Italian artist uses the technique of digital and 2D illustration to represent his vision of the world through the books and movies he likes, like the series of drawings about Harry Potter or Avengers to his well-known collection about 2018 movie sensation Call me by your name.

Those drawings are the reason I’m writing this article: Elio and Oliver take a new form by the hand of Andrea, showing all of their passion and fragility and the profundity of their bound.
The lack of colours – all the illustrations are made by a beige and grey scale – doesn’t make the scene cold, but in some ways make you concentrate about what is happening between the two lovers, feeling what they’re feeling and make you live again the sweet and sour atmosphere of the movie. Bravo, Andrea!