Not all the artists work with paint or colors: Sinta Werner, a Berlin resident artist, uses a lot of mixed techniques to create her vision of the world. Even if she works with the concepts of the absurdum, the abstract, the undefined, she has a very precise vision of our world and I see a lot of references to a sort of Cassandra’s vision of what will come.

Her architectural installations are a perfect mix between space and image, like Space Lapse where she uses wood, paper and photocopies to reproduce a fake space in a gallery or the better known Der Cmyk-Farbraum where she puts the famous CMYK kind of computer’s colouring in reality through windows and glass.

The element of virtuality given by Photoshop “cut and paste” is the element that made me think of a sort of future society governed by the elements of reproducing and cloning elements, like the most famous program from the Adobe Suite can do on our pc. Werner’s works put the checked lines of cutting and selectioning from Photoshop in our reality, using also the pixel technique for give anonymous savour of the world she imagines: a dystopia where people are all pixel masks, a society without a name and a definition, but only rich of clones and distorcing reality with the use of the virtuality.

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An article by Andrea Collins