Mixing figurative with comical and lyrical and grotesque, Tony Matelli’s art is the best example of that kind of art born to provoke something in the viewer, like the Sleepwalker series did.

Matelli creates new object mixing the uncanny with the biological, the artificious with the nature – like plant sprouting from walls – and the tragedy with the comedy.

One of his most beautiful works, instead, is something really poetic and profound: his last collection is about beheaded sculptures where some junk part of food – like orange peeling – is put over this classical art-ed head, meaning the opposition between the beautiful and the ugly, the highs and the lows of our society, the richness in poorness, the trash in the serious stuff of this mere world.

The beautiful damnation of the common man, eating without thinking, only for necessity, never for tasting and appreciating what he has between his hands.
Being behaded.