We really don’t consider a lot of things everyday, even the most important ones: for example, we don’t consider how we violate our truth selves to be a better and moralized version of us to go to work, college and so on. We don’t consider how we violate our real ego, the unconscious one, the true one, replacing it with a more delicate one, a civilized one.

Alana Dee Haynes, with her art simply made by a pen, best represents this concept.
Her last exhibition, Alter, since the title is a statement: the other, what’s above the real to be true and finally being expressed in an oppressed world.

She uses a pen to doodle over photographies – naked people, lips, portraits – using an unconscious form of art, the doodle, discovered by Surrealists before – like Dalì or Cocteau.
The doodle represents an unconscious drawing made when you’re not really thinking with your conscious brain, so Alana’s art represents the unconscious that violates our conscious masks to unveil the truth, the real, what we really are and made to be. 

Images that violate other images to discover what really mean to be alive and human, nowadays.