Summer is that special time of the year, where things come to an end and something new begins. You graduated from school, finished your first semester at university, or you‘re gonna be a freshman. Maybe you will move to a new place, or prepare to explore the world.
You use your holidays to visit your parents back home, meet up with old childhood friends, that still give you joy within seconds.
Some will explore new continents, countries, cities, beaches, jungles, mountains and many more places, you can‘t imagine.
Maybe you reconnect with the relationship, that never worked out and never will, but you still try it, or you‘ll find a new one, that‘s gonna last forever, or just for summer.

With summer fading away you collected a lot of memories, you‘ll never forget. Memories, that might have changed your view of the world or just shaped your future life.
This playlist was created for reminscing all those moments and to accentuate some that maybe are still going to happen.