Arnaud Sagnier is the artist behind GraphikStreet. His works have a strong influence of the 50s and immediately show  his background in advertising. The use of found texts and images comment on the world around us. His works delve into pop-culture and the contrast between the then and now.

Graphikstreet used photography and collage as his mediums and, in his collages, text and typography play a large role in the works.
Arnaud’s photographic work led naturally to his collage. The artist was drawn to the posters that were pasted on walls that he photographed. These images of text and graphics peeling on walls and layered over each other developed into collages made from retrieving these posters that he had once photographed and now adapted them into something new.

There is a use of codes of advertising in the works and he complies what we see everyday into one visual piece that we are able to digest as a whole.
There are various influences put together to form something new but the sense of the old and the retro permeate through.

In both his collages and his photographic works, texture plays a the role of creating shapes and negative and positive spaces and, in the photographs in particular, the works are extremely tactile.