Romain Laurent is what we could resume as a polyandric generation Y artist, he is a New York city based photographer, a director and a cinemograph maker.
He comes from France and he studied product design at the Ensaama national school of applied arts and photography in Paris. Romain is now specialized in photography, moving images and short movies. In his curriculum it is possible to see collaborations with globally big names such as Xbox, Coca-Cola and Google; He also received the Young Gun x award from the Art Directors club of New York. 

He liked to divide his works in three categories, “moving” which collects all his moving products as fashion films and short movies; “not moving” that gathers his static projects as conceptual photography and personal editorials and the last category, named “half moving”, which is the most peculiar one and it shows the connection between the two before, in fact it includes post – produced stable pictures that come alive through brilliant graphic designing, giving to their viewers a more emphatic reaction. 

Romain loves to play with dichotomy in a lot of his works, in his Inner Dialogue project we can see a girl portrayed with multiple faces in a classic barren location. It is possible to understand how he celebrates the fight between the external people idea of what we are and the more intimate personal view of what we really aspire to be. So contemporary.

On the other hand, in Tas collection, the artist wants to show another aspect of social dualism, this time between expectations and motivations, as we can see, the characters survive the days surrounding their sadness with material goods, appeasing just for the moment all the emptiness.
But is all of these “generational expectations” satisfying their needs? Is abundance the key of happiness? 
We may never know.