FAKA: a South African performance art (and far more) duo, Fela Gucci and Desire Marea, is redefining the way that the black queer identity is represented.

FAKA, since its inception, has grown to be a cultural movement that works to question, alter and oppose a post-colonial, cis-hetro African standard. This movement has manifested through music, fashion, performance, photography, social media, fashion and literature.

In a world that excludes black queer people, FAKA creates art that will loudly occupy this space refusing to be quiet or unnoticed. They are pushing against the colonial legacy of homophobia and transphobia in order to redefine the society in which they live by their own terms.

Through their work, they are redefining African queer identities. Their night club, Cunty Power, invites queer Africans into an inclusive space both physically and ideologically. 

This crossover between physical and ideological spaces is achieved through much of their performance work too. In this way, they are pushing their movement beyond the gallery and thought spaces and creating something tangible.
The work that they produce invites black, queer, gender non-conforming and trans people to celebrate their identities with them.

Their latest EP, Amaqhawe, makes use of the sounds of gqom, a house-like electronic music that originated in South Africa. This album delves into notions and complexities of the queer black experience of love.

The dominant thread throughout their work is that of authenticity. It is a movement that was born from within a community in order to empower that same community and it is this that creates the powerful force throughout their different mediums.

Check them out: Desiremarea, Felagucci