Simone Gammino is a twenty-four-year-old make-up artist and body painter, who arts in Milan, that succeed to gather art, make up and suggestion…making it realer and realer.

Good morning Simone, what represents for you make-up? What role does it have in your everyday life?

Well, that is such a complex question. Makeup has definitely a very important role in my life that goes absolutely beyond its ordinary and basic definition. I see it more as a sort of magical, esoteric power that gives me the possibility to transform the world and to break the limits among the real and the unreal, creating my own abstract, dreamlike vision of reality. Makeup has become my personal form of art where I can mix imagination, visual arts, painting with beauty itself in order to communicate my aesthetic sensibility and some of the most intimate sides of my creative spirit.
Makeup is extremely important to me, above all, I always use it on myself to express and personalize my style, changing my physical appearance according to the perception I want people to have of me. Secondly, it has also become my full-time job, so I would say that it has definitely a very strong role in my daily routine.

How did this passion start and how did it get into a real job?

This passion basically started for fun. I have always been extremely fascinated by fantasy and sci-fi and some years ago I started to do cosplay as a hobby with some of my friends. Thanks to it I started using makeup to impersonate characters of my favorite movies and novels, such as “Lord of The Rings”, “Harry Potter”, “Dracula” and many others. Exactly in that period I was studying painting at Fine Arts Academy in Milan, and after a while I decided to try to combine my passion for paintings and my skills in visual arts with my strong interest for artistic makeup. So, I finally started studying makeup at Teatro alla Scala Academy and after graduating I worked for a couple months in the opera House itself and in some other ballets and musicals theater. After these first experiences I started my incredible journey with Make Up For Ever and blessing this amazing brand, I have had the possibility to transform makeup into a real, full-time job.

Your works are very peculiar, something not so easy to find in a regular make-up artist. What inspires you? Where are you used to find your innovations?

I am extremely inspired by paintings, drawings and illustrations. I try to put the expressive power of visual arts – especially focusing on textures and gestures – into makeup itself in order to work on the skin as I could work on a canvas or on a sheet of paper. Besides, I am highly influenced by almost every form of art, such as sculpture, music (my second, biggest passion) cinema and literature. I am also definitely inspired by fantasy and sci-fi culture and by the Special Fx background, in fact many of my works look like imaginary creatures and mythological monsters.

Who are your subjects?

Many of my subjects are taken from an imaginary fantasy/sci-fi world that takes its inspiration from novels and from movies by Guillermo del Toro, Peter Jackson and James Cameron. At the same time there is a very important side of my work that is fully centered on a more conceptual, artistic way of thinking. In this case my subjects become more private, intimate and connected to my secret feelings, hidden memories and fragilities. In both cases, most of my works are surrounded by an evident dark, romantic, gothic atmosphere that can be identified as the “fil rouge” of my creative world.

Being an “unusual” artist could not help you in order to find a job, you know better than I do that employers always look for the same old style. What are your thoughts about that?

Being different is always difficult because most of the times people are not able to think in a different way and to appreciate what is not immediately understandable. However, what I can tell you for sure is that being an unusual makeup artist has been the key point of my “success”. If you show who you really are and you get focused on your peculiarities, people will notice and remember you and your works. Many times people asked me to change my style in order to become more commercial, but I have always tried to be as much true to myself as possible and to go straight on my way.

What are you plans for your imminent future? I know you have just been at “Make up days” in Moscow, was it a good experience for you?

Well, my plans for my imminent future are actually a lot. Since I am still working for Make Up For Ever, I will probably keep on doing body paintings, events and photoshoots until the end of Summer. In the meanwhile I will be working on a videoclip and on some different, personal projects. After that, in September I will move to the UK for a couple of months to study Special FX makeup for cinema, in order to finally learn something new to amply my technical skills.
As for the “Makeup Days” in Moscow, well, I must confess that it has been one of the best professional experiences of my entire life. I have had the opportunity to do a masterclass about fashion face paintings into one of most important Russian makeup event of all times, and it has been a huge satisfaction for me. There I have had the concrete possibility to work as an international makeup artist and to meet many other artists from all over the world, talking and sharing my work with them. I also say that I was so surprised to see how many people actually appreciate my works outside my home country. Meeting my Russian fan-base has been so special. I am so grateful for this incredible experience.