There are circumstances we go through that can change the way we see the world. As a super power that may suddenly came and be part of your life of a super hero, Jaime Sanchez was gifted once and from that moment his life went pop and started living in technicolor. 
Jaime is an art director and visual artist born in Malaga, Spain and he mostly works in advertising, his instagram account is the place where he transmit to us the way he sees the world; find it colorful, flavoury, non-sense, ironic, creative and tasty. 
I invite you to read this interview and discover more about his flavoury synesthetic world. 

When your world went pop? How do you start your career as a visual artist and what excites you the most about your profession? 

My world became pop when I visited a LEGO exhibition in New York in 2014, since then everything became Pop. 
I started just after that exhibition, at first making simple still lifes. 
What I like most about my profession is to be able to combine colors with simple but striking objects. 

Food is eternally linked with color and psychology. How do you took advantage of the stimulation through colors to enlight the retina of who fixed their eyes on your work?

I only use food to make photographs with great visual impact, there is no message behind my photographs. 
I know people are going to look at my jobs if I put a hand out of a plate holding spaghetti. I could say, I just want the attention of people and then judge whether they like it or not. 

How do you experience a world in technicolor? Explain us your daily experience with colors. 

In my daily life I do not make much use of colors, for example, only seen dark clothes with some detail in color, but not too much. The walls of my house are gray, my car is black .. so I leave all the color for my photographs. That’s when my life becomes Technicolor 

Time to short questions: 
– What food you love the most? Pizza 
– What food you hate the most? Soup 
– What is your wildest #foodporn fantasy? Bathe in spaghetti (and I’ve already done). I attach a link 

Your work is capable to alter sensorial experiences turning them into a synaesthetic condition, flavors and scents may be felt when someone looks at your work. What do you want to transmit with your creations? 

As I have commented previously all my works only pretend to be seen. Then people give the sense that they want to give it, it is freely interpreted. I do not like being a philosopher in my creations. I want people to remember my photos, even if they do not like it. 

I find a bit of irony in your creations but I would like to go deeper and to know what are your thoughts about the role of food in advertising and how it is represented in a flawless way far from reality. 

Exactly, I like to use a lot of irony and also a bit of humor, I think they fit the purpose of a commercial / artistic photography. 
Food is something that everyone identifies with. Everyone has tasted a watermelon, spaghetti, pizza … that’s why I know that it can cause an impression, good or bad, but an impression.