If you think you have seen it all, I bet you haven’t as long as you have not seen what a fleshlette is, in various interviews Jon David Payne, the head of the family, explained where he found inspiration in order to create his creatures and basically he found it in tumorous balls, especially in their shapes.

The materials used by Jon are various, in fact he also uses human hair, and the creations’ shapes come from Jon’s imagination but the result is totally crazy: the first time I saw ‘The family of Fleshlettes’ (his collection), it honestly scared the shit out of me but, at the same time, it caught my whole attention for more than five minutes.

Most of the people who saw this project, described it as a ‘grotesque concretization of nightmares’ but I prefer label this project as a successful celebration of the ugliest visions that human-mind can figure out, so I thank Jon for having gave birth to this beautiful rawness and I also congratulate with him for his technique and precision.