Nowadays, there are few artists worth their name and surely Matthew Stone is one of them, especially in the research about the man, who he is and what he means dropped in a social context.
This British artist works with different disciplines like sculpture, photography, performance and so on, but the paintings are what we feel the most for this issue.

Rapid strokes, fluid brushes on the canvas, pigmented colours not finished in drying, his technique is original and easily recognizable, working with the history of art in profound connection with perception of its rules and breaking them.

Remembering the last painters of abstractism, Stone investigate if we really can be in complete solitude these days and what means being one and only in a society that wants more from yourself.

For example, the painting “Play” is a big canvas with a lot of different naked persons on it.
Seems like an orgy where no one is interacting: everyone is worried about themselves and who they really are,  avoiding eye contact and giving the other only their body, their physic dual. The dynamic brushes, the unfinished faces and bodies, the angry strokes and vivid colours, everything represents the fast of our lives that we’re not living, leaving our dual living it.