Some art is made to grind your senses and make you feel uncomfortable. Kota’s art is not this kind of art. Your eyes want to move closer into it and there is something that makes you immediately want to be in the world that has been created, however, there is certainly nothing subtle about these works.

Bright, luminous colours, glare from the surface and odd, surreal shapes and figures look out at the viewer. The figures in the works are reminiscent of humanoid shapes but they are anything but human.

Kota defines his work as surreal pop art and this term hits the nail on the head. He uses a digital medium to create his works and, as the viewer, one gets the sense that these works are marking the way for the future of artistic style.

The bright colours are influenced by the neon lights of Tokyo and other Japanese influences come in throughout his works: polka dots, kimonos, paper umbrellas. Despite the references to traditional Japan, these works scream of future.
This artist is the definition of contemporary.