“Fantasy researcher” is the definition that Diego Cusano, young and eclectic Italian artist of international fame, chose for himself. He takes something from the ordinary and everyday life and shatters in little million pieces to compose a new perception of the subject with a bizarre and unusual point of view.
To create his beautiful works, Cusano uses food: pasta, vegetables, pop-corns, avocado an coffee are only few of the aliments he used.
Here we are to chitty chat with him.

Where were born your passion for art?

I grew up among art, through painting and music I already felt that my future was within the arts. I went to art school and graduated in painting and specialized in graphic art, only after a short musical was born my new style of drawing. But the passion for it has always been there and I cultivated it even if I was told that nothing would come out of it.

How the idea for your unique technique started?

The idea was bower as as flow, I was exhausted by the schema that came to my mind and that were imposed by society, I was tired of reading the status in social media, I was tired of the pictures of who was getting married, and who posted their family. A day at the end of 2013 I believe, I was researching for ideas for my videoclip which would come out a year and a half later, I was at the phone playing with a rubber band , once I put down the phone, I started drawing a pair of very approximative eyes on a white paper and from that moment I started experimenting the proximity between objects and the drawing, a few months later I decided to publish those works in social media. In that period after an accurate research there were non people who were designing in this level, as a matter of fact a few months later some other illustrators like me appeared in this style. In that moment studying the all the styles , I decided to research  and experiment always the most precise harmony of drawing focusing as well on food.

Future projects?

My future projects are many, besides the many collaborations- requests I am trying to propose much more alternative projects and unique specially because there is always the competitors ready to suck in your ideas. That which I can say is that I will do a second capsule collection spring summer 2019 with Towel, since the first is gone so well and they commissioned a second one for the next year, and I am finishing two “secret” projects very beautiful and innovative.

Food is sure one of the main topics in our society, when is too much or too little. You often represent lot of political subjects – like Trump or Queen Elizabeth. Is it food, in your opinion, vehicle for some sort of political message or symbolism?

Food is part of culture of each person therefore I tried all kind of international food and regardless italian food is the best. Unfortunately there are so many people who cant eat for so many reasons. The first one is connected to stately affairs and the figure of power. To let you understand better, for example I make a drawing and I publish my illustration and arrives a powerful person and spoils my illustration, he doesn‘t care if this illustration is mine: in this way he makes me loose what I have created but this is how politics work! I represented Queen Elizabeth to pay homage replacing her hair with food. For Trump the diagnosis wanted to render the fact he is a sexist so I replaced his hair with mimosas. But rarely I treat politics, because my objective is to narrate in an objective non polluted way unrelated to the outside world, but often I let myself be caught by facts and tragedies, so the result is a homage to pay respects to the victims of wars or earthquakes.