FROY presents its first capsule collection at Milan Design Week 2019

Arman Avetikyan presents the FROY brand with an exhibition-installation during Milan Design Week 2019, first collection designed in collaboration with the program that supports the young knitwear designers: Talenti di Lineapiù.

Arman Avetikyan, born in Armenia and winner of the Lineapiù Italia Talents’ III edition – Tuscan company worldwide leader in yarns and knitwear – and founder of the FROY project, young brand where different cultures, solutions and inspirations meet. The project is a research with the mission to discover the endless possibilities that knitwear may offer and, thanks to the exclusive Lineapiù and Filclass yarns, it explores unique solutions using knitwear as a fabric, uniting tradition and innovation, exploring materials and processes in order to create hybrid and versatile surfaces.

“Macchina che produce moda che produce arte, o forse no” is the Italian title of the exhibition, translated as “A Machine that produces fashion produces art, or maybe not”.

At first sight, the thing that suddenly captured my attention was the ambivalence of the concept because I feel identified with it, or maybe not. I conceive the ambivalent thinking something common in our society, sometimes we are forced to be pretend to be someone to fit in society but in our private life we are some else. Even if the reason of the exhibition is to present the new Froy’s collection what is important to highlight is the undertone of it; everything was created starting from 9 characters that sum up the different roles in society and how you are able to embody them in different periods of your life. 

Talking with the designer, helped me to understand those roles; you can be whoever you want, you can pretend to be some else to fit in a group or you can evolve due to life circumstances. The cubes in their heads take off any superficial touch they could have so they are presented more like a blank canvas. Thinking about it, my personal opinion were to another direction: having those square heads make me think that part of the community is unable to think out of the box, guided to the predefined statements and locked in a cage with no chance to be themselves and at the same time demanding freedom. 

The exhibition is a journey towards a parallel world created by the designer, once you get in there you could feel an industrial environment composed by structures, sounds and a cold atmosphere. 

Hanging from the main structure you find human representations of figurines based on fashion sketches from real bodies, they were created with medical plastic that once it get warm is capable to be mold on model’s skin. The whole journey helps you to understand what is behind his creations, at the end you find a collection based in three main topics as the main core to every design Arman decides to create: a character, geometry and ethnicity. He prefers to not call his garments as unisex clothing, genderless is a better way to call them instead and the reason is not only to follow the recent fashion trends that have already dissolve the limits between femininity and masculinity because it goes further; the reason to call them genderless is more related to the material and the silhouettes knitwear is capable to create, in other words it goes with the flow because knitwear fits perfectly the body no matter the gender. 

The installation represents the symbiosis between industry and creativity, a three-dimensional installation accompanied by music and videos created by Matteo Castiglioni; a powerful narrative expedient that represents FROY’s world and presents a preview of the Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

“MACCHINA CHE PRODUCE MODA CHE PRODUCE ARTE. O FORSE NO” is the first exhibition-installation born by the first collaboration between designer Froy and Fondazione Lineapiù and to end up, Froy has organized with an event on Tuesday 16th April from 19.00 to 21.00 that will elevate the experience the exhibition to another level: the evening will be liven up by a live performance by Ani Balian, Armenian opera singer, accompanied by electronic music.

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