They said “Learn art and put it aside” because you’ll never know when it will be useful. But are there real moments – except dates and social events – where knowing artists from the past is useful?

We are here to discover it with the beautiful approach of Mehmet Geren, an hi-end retoucher designer that blends the ancient with the modern, the cult of the past with the cult of our present. What’s best to represent our 2017?

Mehmet uses the technique of digital collage with photoshopping ancient famous paintings (like Monnalisa or The girl with the pearl earring) in actual real contests. He also creates digital images, rendering, vectors and digital art, especially about the social networks experiences and the addiction they provoke on us.

So we can find the lovers of Toulouse Lautrec with the Instagram notification cloud above their heads, artists like Van Gogh or Dalì in fashion advs like the Gucci ones, or Pre raphaelites goddesses that exchange likes on Instagram. A mad world where the real blends with past in a grotesque new reality, perfectly represented by this amazing artist.