Meet Bjorn Griesbach, not the usual german illustrator that someone has known till now.
Bjorn puts in his works all his passion for folklore – he illustrated several books from Grimm’s Brothers – and mythology and superstition, last but not least for human psyche.
And this is the psyche the subject of one of his most famous works “Hollow children”, a disturbing collection of portraits of kids with abnormous and out of context smiles.

Realized with only pencil and paper, the portrait represents a kid made of several shades of shadows and this real-taken mouth with a giant fake smile on it. There arent’ eyes or others signs of recollection: only a smile put on a dark figure.

This lack of identity made me think of xenophobia, the fear of the other, of the different, of someone we can’t know. Someone we misunderstand in his deep identity.
Bjorn is the artist that best represents this kind of phobia, even others like kenophobia or nycthophobia, swimming in the dark pool that human psyche is.