Photography, in time, has developed a movement of artists that use it as a way to provoke the masses and society. Think of Helmut Newton and his polaroids, Richard Kern or Sasha Grey herself.
But this time we introduce you to Marius Sperlich, born in Reinbek, fashion photographer that is now an Instagram sensation.

Marius Lips, his most famous project, is a collection of feminine lips with strange and unsual objects between them: some have pills, others little statuettes, some food. And this is the part of our interests: two girls kissing with pizza between them, blue cotton candy, sushi, ice cream, hamburgers, everything can be cooked with the fire of this fine sensual art.

Sperlich has a talent like no one before: he can make food erotic with the lens of pop and glamour. The feminine body is mythicized and glorified in a new form of liberation for woman, starting with the combination of food and body freedom.